With the evolution of IoT, our customers span across all industries and applications. Here are some of the more common industries our products are applied to.

More than 100 Million MultiTech devices can be found serving industries all over the world. Whatever your application, there is a MultiTech product or solution to enable your business.


Transportation & Logistics Iot Innovations
When you’re moving high-value assets around the globe, using multiple modes of transportation, you are likely to need a variety of communications technologies to understand both the state and location of your goods, wherever they may be on their journey.


IoT innovations applied in AgTech

From local growers to heavy equipment manufacturers to irrigation systems suppliers, MultiTech’s supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) IoT water management system devices can be found on farms and in Agtech innovation worldwide.

What our customers are saying about MultiTech's IoT Gateways


Oil & Gas - Utilities - Solar - Renewable
Whether you’re running a local utility or delivering fuel from the source, MultiTech stands ready to support critical energy infrastructure.


Pharmacy & Medical IoT solutions

MultiTech products are deployed in a variety of healthcare applications, providing added convenience for health care providers; improved care for patients; and cost savings for insurers and government payers.

Smart Buildings

IoT Sensors, Gateways, Routers, and Modems

In IoT building automation, real-time decisions need to be made quickly, requiring more intelligence at the network edge. The right smart building sensors are able to analyze information onsite and only send what’s relevant back.