MultiTech Connection Manager

Software Automation Tool for Management of Cellular Modem Connectivity

MultiTech Connection Manager – a software solution designed to greatly simplify and ease the installation, configuration and management of cellular connectivity in MultiTech USB and Serial cellular modems that lack intelligence to manage these functions. Connection Manager ensures that IoT edge applications using cellular backhaul can always communicate to the Internet whenever needed by ensuring the cellular connection is always ready for transmission, ensuring the smooth operation of real-world IoT use cases. AT Commands, traditionally used to manage these functions, can prove time-consuming and difficult to the un-initiated. Connection Manager provides a much easier and faster method of managing serial and USB cellular modems to ensure persistent connectivity to the cellular network.

Connection Manager is integrated into Windows Networking, supporting Windows 8 and 10 versions, and automatically detects installed cellular USB and serial devices, downloads required drivers, ensures com ports are correctly mapped and establishes a cellular connection – all at the click of a button. Its keep-alive function overcomes common issues that lead to dropped connections, and helps maintain a persistent cellular connection.* Traditionally managed by AT Commands, Connection Manager provides an additional, easy and convenient way to maintain always-on connectivity needed to power the IoT. Those that wish to use AT Commands for connectivity management can still do so.

Connection Manager is complimentary and supports MultiTech’s comprehensive portfolio of cellular connectivity products optimized for M2M (machine-to-machine) communications.

For a full list of products supported, see the Connection Manager datasheet.

*Though Connection Manager, and its “keep-alive” function will keep a cellular connection persistent, it is not recommended for critical applications or use cases.



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MultiTech Connection Manager


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See your device’s documentation for installation instructions.