Unlock the potential of your building management system


Identify Inefficiencies and improve building performance

Maximize efficiency, reduce carbon emissions, improve working environments while saving money, reducing service and providing visibility into your facilities performance.


Enhanced Fault Detection and Diagnostics

Detect faults, prioritize issues and create workflows or customize alerts to resolve issues that matter most.


Energy Cost Reduction

Understanding how BMS automations are directly impacting your energy consumption to provide financial context to drive positive changes through unlocking the full potential of your facilities BMS connectivity ecosystem.

Wirelessly integrate LoRaWAN sensors to your BMS to collect thousands of data points across your campus and buildings.

Transform your Building Management System (BMS) by securely connecting thousands of LoRaWAN wireless sensors from a diverse and vibrant global ecosystem of vendors addressing applications that transform your BMS to deliver improved efficiency, mitigate risks and achieve sustainability goals.

A fast time to data collection without requiring specialist skills or running cables, LoRaWAN Long-Range battery operated wireless sensors are ideal for use in smart buildings with quick installation, deep building penetration and coverage able to communicate through walls, metal, and concrete.
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Power Energy Management with wireless sensors and BACnet

Energy Management

Integrating BACnet with a building management system (BMS) unlocks multiple compelling value propositions for managing and monitoring power and energy consumption.

The BMS leverages BACnet to provide detailed insights, allowing organizations to make informed decisions, reduce energy wastage, and enhance overall system performance.

Remote water leak detection with BACnet

Risk Management

Risk Management: Integrating wireless water leak sensors to BACnet improves building management by easily integrating with the broader automation system, lowering insurance premiums, and improving risk management.

Near real-time data allows for faster detection and alerts, minimizing costly repairs and disruptions while improving facility resilience and occupancy rates.

Enviromental Monitoring

By adding air quality sensors, the BACnet system can adjust ventilation rates based on real-time data, improving indoor air quality throughout the building.

With sanitation sensors, such as air, flow and pressure and people counting sensors, the BACnet system can proactively respond to hygiene needs by implementing ventilation strategies or triggering cleaning protocols.

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