Unlock the potential of your building management system


Identify Inefficiencies and improve building performance

Maximize efficiency, reduce carbon emissions, improve working environments while saving money, reducing service and providing visibility into your facilities performance


Enhanced Fault Detection and Diagnostics

Detect faults, prioritize issues and create workflows or customize alerts to resolve issues that matter most


Energy Cost Reduction

Understanding how BMS automations are directly impacting your energy consumption to provide financial context to drive positive changes through unlocking the full potential of your facilities BMS connectivity ecosystem.

Create and deliver advanced smart building solutions by enhancing BMS connectivity capabilities with additional functionality through advanced

Simplified deployment, time-to-data collection with seemingly endless opportunities to view your facility through one central system that has the insights, management capabilities and the control to deliver results.

Get more out of your Building Management System (BMS) by securely connecting manufacturer agnostic industrial sensors, assets and devices on the edge, in the cloud or on-premises to transform your BMS control system into a single centralized system that can maximize, manage and monitor your complete facility

Communications Protocol Agnostic

Regardless of communications protocol, BMS vendor, or asset manufacturer – seamlessly integrate all of your assets through BACnet to remotely monitor, and maximize your facility.