Whether you’re running a local utility or delivering fuel from the source, MultiTech stands ready to support critical energy infrastructure.

IoT in Utilities

IoT connectivity is paving the way toward a better response to rapid urban development all around the world. MultiTech provides devices like gateways, routers and modems that help cities or buildings connect to the world around them. These devices give utilities the data they need to scale up thoughtfully and responsibly as their service areas continue to grow. Integrating IoT devices across distribution networks lets utilities connect the dots in real time so they can make better-informed decisions that lead to sustainable growth, smarter spending, and a better service for their customers.

Whether you’re running a local electrical utility or delivering water from the source, MultiTech’s IoT smart grid communication equipment helps keep you connected to your assets to facilitate:

  • Water management systems
  • Automated meter reading
  • Dynamic demand response
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Emergency alerts

Energy Companies Public and Private LTE Communications

IoT in Energy

Capacitor Bank Control, Reclosers and Pole Tilt Monitoring with MultiTech Public and Private LTE Connectivity Products

Whether monitoring a well, a pipeline or a refinery, governments around the world are in agreement that understanding exactly what’s happening in the production and distribution of fossil fuels is of paramount importance both for global continuity of energy production as well as for environmental protection. As critical infrastructure, it is exceedingly important to protect this process from digital interference from those with technical know-how and malicious intent.

Today’s so called “smart city” consists of a set of unrelated, purpose-built applications. Parking, traffic signaling, ambulance or police car location monitoring, public utilities, HVAC at schools and IoT for smart buildings … the list goes on and on. Savvy city managers need more than local interest groups to inform them about how to spend and how to save, and the Internet of Things promises to provide the cross-departmental knowledge they need to optimize taxpayer spend as well as public services.

Wireless Communications Energy Program

Reliable, secure, cost-effective communications with your remote devices is critical to successful energy management and risk mitigation. Cellular IoT is rapidly expanding its coverage area and is becoming the standard for secure data communications.

In addition, the MultiTech portfolio will support emerging public/private LTE broadband cellular initiatives such as AT&T FirstNet, Anterix, CBRS,and 5G. When you need wireless communication for mission critical distribution automation, you can be certain that MultiTech devices will meet your needs now and well into the future.

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