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Private LTE CBRS Cellular Network Devices & Technology for IoT Applications
Greater Enterprise Connectivity and Control with CBRS Private LTE Network Device Integration

CBRS Private LTE

Public LTE and Wi-Fi networks are almost a necessity for everyday life. These widely available networks are simple to connect to, whether you are using a personal cell phone or an IoT device, and make connecting to the Internet easy and simple.

But what happens when these public networks are not readily available due to coverage limitations or capacity issues? And how can an enterprise control the way devices in their facility or campus connect to the Internet?

CBRS Private LTE networks are becoming the alternative to public LTE and Wi-Fi networks. Enterprises are deploying CBRS Private 4G LTE networks to guarantee wireless coverage where public networks do not exist and in locations where wireless coverage is critical for organizational efficiency.

Other use cases of CBRS Private LTE networks can increase the available capacity for applications that generate large amounts of data and have specific uplink or downlink requirements. Still other organizations are interested in exercising greater control over how resources are used and prioritized. These dedicated private LTE networks, neutral host networks, and fixed wireless networks are being considered in a wide variety of industrial applications including factories, warehouses, and power plants as well as public applications like airports, stadiums, and hospitals.

OnGo is a private LTE standard that gives users a higher level of control over their networks, empowering organizations to optimize the ways they use their data. Every CBRS OnGo device operates on the 3.5 GHz frequency band, ensuring high-bandwidth wireless connections. This standard aims to bring the ease-of-use you’d find in Wi-Fi connections to the private LTE network space.

CBRS Private LTE

Deploying a private 4G LTE network is easier and more reliable than ever. An important factor leading to this technology’s adoption is the formation of private LTE standards. MultiTech is among the first IoT device manufacturers to leverage the OnGo standard from the CBRS Alliance.

MultiTech Private LTE/CBRS Products

Successfully Implementing CBRS Private LTE Cellular Network Technology

The key to integrating CBRS Private LTE for IoT applications is the dedicated devices and equipment that enable the on-site wireless coverage, increase device and data capacity, and provide built-in controls that public networks can’t offer. The rationale for deploying a CBRS Private LTE network may include one or all of these benefits, with the added flexibility to personalize the network and meet the unique application needs.

CBRS Private LTE networks are beginning to meet these specific use cases and provide enterprises with a cost-effective network that meets the unique requirements of mission-critical IoT devices and multiple users.

The U.S. is leading the world in spectrum liberalization, with the FCC making a swath of the mid-band available for sharing. Known as Citizens Broadband Radio Spectrum (CBRS) is an open mid-band spectrum between 3.55-3.7 GHz that has been set aside to support exploding demand for robust asset connectivity within industrial and enterprise applications. Other spectrum regulators around the world are taking note and expected to follow suit in the near future.

Industrial IoT With OnGo

Industrial IoT applications demand proven wireless standards that make a real impact on productivity and efficiency. OnGo fits the bill for a wide range of industrial use cases, because it was planned with these needs in mind. Whether automating a process, monitoring environmental conditions or compiling data, the devices that leverage OnGo make the process effortless for the end user. They also protect the security of the data used on the private network.

Besides these applications, there are a nearly limitless number of configurations available to those who want to make use of the OnGo Standard. Our CBRS private LTE devices are ideal for enterprises that depend on their internal wireless communications for organizational success.

“Ours are among the first hardened IoT devices that offer securely managed after-market Private LTE and CBRS connectivity to a broad range of assets to accelerate industrial enterprise digital transformation today.” -Daniel Quant, VP Strategic Development of MultiTech

The MultiConnect® eCell and MultiConnect® rCell 600 are the first of their kind that are designed to connect a wide range of new and legacy assets to dedicated, mission-critical Private LTE and Neutral Host public access CBRS networks, in collaboration with the CBRS Alliance. They are FCC-Authorized End User Devices for Band 48 and leverage the FCC open mid-band spectrum between 3.55-3.7 GHz.

FCC CBRS PALS 3.5 GHz Auction

MultiTech supplies FCC-approved CBRS communication devices to connect to CBRS private LTE networks in the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) Priority Access Licenses (PALS) 3.5 GHz auction. The auction, which included 70 MHz of mid-band spectrum (3.5GHz), has concluded.