Our Custom Solutions Group specializes in collaborating with Strategic Partners to create purpose-built solutions based on proven technologies to enhance current or create new-to-world products or solutions.

We do this by providing custom product design for industry leading OEMs with global low-cost manufacturing that leverages our manufacturing facilities and high-volume purchasing power.

To augment internal teams, expand capacity for OEM’s or working in collaboration with internal resources to increase the velocity to proof-of-concept to manufactured final products.

We never stop looking for novel ways to solve problems with technology. We are committed to wading through complexity on behalf of our customers in order to deliver purpose built solutions.

Sensor & Software Integration
Custom ASIC

We are a vertically integrated team of engineers, scientists, and technicians specializing in design-through-manufacturing capabilities. Our expertise includes sensing, component authentication, low-energy circuit design, and complete "End-to-End" IoT solutions that optimize performance and cost across hardware, communication technology, and cloud-based applications.

Out-of-box rejects below 200ppm, internal yields above 99%
0 %
Security of Supply: Customer OTD reporting consistently between 99% and 100%
99 %
Proven track record in cost controls, design capabilities for continuous cost optimizations
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Multitech custom solutions group

Get to know the MultiTech Custom Solutions Group.

We are a vertically integrated team of engineers, scientists, and technicians specializing in design-through-manufacturing capabilities. Our expertise includes sensing, component authentication, low-energy circuit design, and complete “End-to-End” IoT solutions that optimize performance and cost across hardware, communication technology, and cloud-based applications.


The MultiTech Custom Solutions Group develops, designs and manufactures the electronic and electromechanical systems at the heart of many of today’s leading products. We specialize in a wide range of sensors and product verification technologies that are all connected to our IoT ecosystem.

We specialize in providing our customers with industry-leading design and manufacturing capabilities that complement their internal product innovation and development objectives.

Ensuring that offshore manufacturing meets world-class standards requires special skills, teamwork and experience. We combine the three under one roof such that our customers benefit from low-cost manufacturing while also enjoying world-class design and a single source of accountability.

  • Mounds View, USA
    PCBA assembly and test
    Light mechanical assembly
    High-mix medium volume
    2M+ unit annual output
  • Toronto, Canada
    Plastic molding
    Specialized automated assembly

Global Manufacturing Footprint

Mounds View, USA  |  Toronto, Canada  |  Guangdong, China

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam  |  Huizhou, China  |  Penang, Malaysia

Manufacturing Capabilities

  • Electronic Component Assembly and Test (ECAT)
    • SMT, through-hole, wave, basic automated (robotic) spot soldering • COB (wire bonding) • Automated conformal coat deposition • Custom wire harness • Coil winding • Custom automated processes developed in house: laser trace cutting, programming, laser PCBA depanelization
  • Mechanical Assemblies, Molds, Dies and Casting
    • Production ranges from manual light mechanical assembly through near-lights-out custom automation • Plastic injection molding • Custom aluminum extrusion, also die casting

Procurement Services

  • BOM Management
    • Controlled through North America ERP with Engineering Management/Controls on revision, AVL, etc. • Components procurement directly by MultiTech • Quality Management disciplines
  • SPC
    • Quality controls in place for all processes • SPC typical for injection molded and other mechanical components • Electronic and electromechanical products typically 100% inspected using AOI and automated functional testing

Supplier & Vendor Management

  • Key Vendor Relationships
    Semtech (LoRaWAN), Telit & Quectel (cellular), Silicon Labs(BLE, 2.4 GHz )select global component distributors (such as Arrow, Future) and multiple custom component manufacturers
  • Relationship Based Purchasing Strategy
    Direct purchase relationship with multiple manufacturers, factories and global distributors
  • AVL Management Processes
    Controlled within material management system (ERP) including requirements for component technical approval
  • Cost Management Processes
    We regularly review product costs and have various tools to improve and manage cost increases, like getting quotes from competitors, using different components or designs, optimizing processes, among others.
  • Single-Sourced Component Management
    Advance notice of shortages and EOL through close & long-term supplier partnerships; ability to engineer priority component substitutions where necessary
  • Forecast Management
    Routine forecasting with key customers with follow-on management of safety stock levels and forward ordering for key items
Custom IoT Solutions Group end-to-end approach

Why Choose Us

We have been delivering custom designed solutions for over 20+ years

Customer Focused

We give technology services to help our customers make more money and be more popular. Our MultiTech Custom Solutions Group has helped design and sell billions of dollars’ worth of products all over the world.

Our Custom Solutions team has extensive experience in gathering and recording field data providing our customers with detailed marketing information that allows them to know exactly how their customers use their products. This provides our customers with valuable insights making them leaders within their industry.

We proactively bring new technology and innovation to our customers to provide them with competitive advantages in your markets.

One-Stop Shop

We pride ourselves in innovative solutions that provide our customers the competitive edge to be leaders within their respective markets. We specialize in low power circuit design which enables our customers battery powered products to operate up to 10 years on a single set of batteries.

  • Best-in-class sensors with purpose build ASIC & circuit design
  • Ultra low power energy circuits and energy management systems
  • Custom ASIC development
  • RFID tags & readers
  • Wireless communications – Cellular LTE Cat. 1, WiFi, LoRa, BLE, NFC
  • Wide variety of automatic user sensors including active and passive IR, capacitive, optical, audio
  • Data logging / tracking / reporting products
  • Locking/Lock out mechanisms. 

Engineering, Design, and Manufacturing

MultiTech is the ideal design and build partner for mid-to-large scale customers requiring reliable, innovative support for new product development or design optimization and IoT implementation of existing products.

Companies who require manufacturing capacity without the costly overhead will benefit from our high-volume purchasing power and our low-cost manufacturing sources around the world.

  • Purpose built solutions
  • Custom ASIC development
  • Vertically integrated with geographically diverse manufacturing base


For more than 25 years the MultiTech Custom Solutions Group has manufactured products onshore and offshore, utilizing internal and partnered manufacturing facilities.

We create custom and proprietary solutions for our customers.

  • We offer world class PCBA manufacturing capability for high and low volume product applications
  • Low cost and high quality manufacturing both onshore and offshore
  • Manufacturing facilities are ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 13485 certified.
Just a few of our customers recent successful use cases

Custom Solutions Group Use Cases

Learn how some of the largest companies in the world have leveraged MultiTech’s experience and products develop innovative connected solutions.