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ISED (Innovation, Science and Economic Development) certification, formerly known as Industry Canada certification, is a regulatory process in Canada that ensures that electronic and radio communication devices meet specified technical and safety standards before they can be legally sold and operated within the country. The certification process is overseen by the ISED, a government department responsible for fostering innovation, scientific research, and economic development in Canada.

The ISED certification process applies to a wide range of electronic and communication devices, including wireless products, radio equipment, telecommunications devices, and other devices that emit electromagnetic radiation.

Key aspects of ISED certification include:

  1. Regulatory Oversight: ISED is responsible for establishing and enforcing technical regulations, standards, and guidelines related to electronic and communication devices in Canada.

  2. Conformity Assessment: Manufacturers and importers of devices subject to ISED certification must demonstrate that their products conform to applicable technical standards and regulatory requirements.

  3. Radio Frequency Devices: ISED certification is particularly important for radio frequency devices that use wireless communication, such as cellular devices, Wi-Fi equipment, Bluetooth devices, and more.

  4. EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility): Devices must meet electromagnetic compatibility standards to ensure that they do not interfere with other devices or systems and can operate without experiencing interference.

  5. Safety and Compliance: ISED certification also includes safety considerations to ensure that devices do not pose risks to users, other devices, or the environment.

  6. Testing and Documentation: Manufacturers typically need to provide testing reports, technical documentation, and evidence of compliance as part of the certification process.

  7. Labeling and Marking: Devices that receive ISED certification are often required to display specific labels or markings to indicate their compliance and certification status.

  8. Certification Process: The certification process involves submitting devices to accredited testing laboratories for evaluation against relevant technical standards. Once the devices pass the tests and meet the requirements, they can receive ISED certification.

  9. Market Access: ISED certification is a prerequisite for legally selling and distributing electronic and communication devices in the Canadian market.

  10. Enforcement: The ISED has the authority to inspect, test, and verify devices in the market to ensure ongoing compliance. Non-compliant devices can be subject to penalties or removal from the market.

ISED certification helps ensure that devices sold and used in Canada meet technical standards, operate safely, and coexist without causing harmful interference. It also provides consumers with confidence that the devices they purchase are of high quality and have undergone proper testing and assessment.