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MultiTech Developer Tools

Everything you need to build your embedded M2M or IoT application can be found right here. Developer support and resources for IoT development boards are available at

MultiTech OneBox™ Kits

MT1BX-915-BLD-KO MultiTech OneBox™ kits simplify the process of evaluating LoRaWAN® technology. Each OneBox kit includes a tailored set of Radio Bridge LoRaWAN wireless sensors and an easy-to-deploy Conduit® AP gateway for LoRaWAN to achieve insight from sensor to cloud, regardless of the application.

  • Easy technology evaluation
  • Fast track proof of value
  • Immediate actionable data
MTMDK-XDOT-NA1-B14 MultiTech xDot® Micro Developer Kit

MultiTech xDot® Essential & Advanced Developer Kits

Essential and Advanced Developer Kits (MTMDK Series) The xDot® Developer Kit is a USB dongle engineered to simplify applocation development. Its portability facilitates easy laptop integration, enabling developers to effortlessly run AT commands or design custom Mbed-based applications.

  • Portable design for connecting to a laptop and doing range testing of the LoRa network
  • Develop IoT applications quickly and easily

MultiTech xDot® Micro Developer Kit

Micro Developer Kit (MTMDK Series) The xDot® Micro Developer Kit is a USB dongle that allows a developer to plug in a xDot (MTXDOT Series) and start developing their application.

MultiTech mDot™ Micro Developer Kit

mDot™ Micro Developer/Programmer Kit (MTMDK Series) The mDot™ Micro Developer/Programmer Kit allows a developer to plug in a mDot or mDot Box and start developing their own application.

MultiTech mDot™ Box

Portable, Handheld End-Point Device for Conducting LoRa® Site Surveys (MTDOT-BOX Series) The mDot™ Box is a portable, handheld LoRa® end-point device that simplifies and speeds up LoRa proof of concept development and is ideal for LoRa site surveys. This flexible device enables the user to quickly evaluate how LoRa can help in solving a wide range of IoT needs and requirements.

  • Quickly and easily perform LoRa site surveys with the mobile mDot Box
  • Measure LoRa distance and building penetration performance for line of sight or urban/obstructed use cases
  • User friendly LoRa evaluation tool - no heavy configuration or embedded design skills needed

SocketModem® and Dragonfly™ Developer Kit

Prototyping and development tool for embedded cellular SocketModems and Dragonfly (MTUDK2 Series) The SocketModem and Dragonfly Developer Kit is designed to work with all versions of MultiTech cellular SocketModems as well as the Dragonfly™ family of cellular embedded modems and SoMs. It allows you to plug in the communications device and use it for testing, programming and evaluation. The kit includes a development board and all the necessary accessories to get you up and running right out of the box.