Cutting-Edge 5G NR RedCap Mobile Devices

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5G RedCap Expands the Mobile Ecosystem to New Industries​

MultiTech’s 5G NR Release 17 Reduced Capability (RedCap) cellular modems and gateways are a significant breakthrough in the trajectory of 5G NR connectivity. Providing robust, reliable and cost optimized solutions designed to the unique demands of the industrial IoT landscape.

Cost Optimized Design for 1-100MB/sec Applications

As industries increasingly embrace digital transformation, the availability of MultiTech’s 5G NR RedCap is poised to accelerate this evolution, enabling a wide array of applications that demand low latency, high capacity, and secure connectivity.

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Shipments expected second quarter of 2024

Our commitment to shaping the future of IoT is evident in our dedication to providing cutting-edge technology and maintaining our longstanding partnership with MultiTech. The MultiTech 5G RedCap microCell USB Modem not only streamlines and economically scales IoT across applications like robotics and smart grids but also strengthens Telit Cinterion's position as a leader in IoT
Manish Watwani
Chief Marketing and Product Officer at Telit Cinterion

Low Latency for Real-Time Applications

5G NR RedCap UEs deliver deterministic low-latency communication crucial for real-time applications such as autonomous vehicles, remote monitoring, and control automation. Ensuring that critical decisions can be made swiftly and accurately.

Industrial-Grade Reliability

MultiTech’s 5G NR RedCap UE is built to withstand the rigorous demands of industrial environments. With robust design and manufacturing, it ensures reliable connectivity in harsh conditions, making it ideal for business-critical applications in manufacturing, utilities, transportation, and more.

Scalable Connectivity

The RedCap UE supports a scalable and flexible connectivity model, allowing industries to adapt and expand their IoT deployments without compromising performance. It can efficiently handle the growing number of connected devices in a network, ensuring smooth operations as businesses evolve.

IoT Cost to Performance Sweet-Spot

5G NR RedCap streamlines the complexity, cost, and size of 5G UE devices for assets currently utilizing LTE Cat 1 to 4. Its efficient design and capabilities make it a top choice for users seeking both affordability and high-quality service in the 5G market.

Ease of Integration

MultiTech understands the importance of seamless integration into existing infrastructures. The RedCap UE is designed for easy deployment and integration, minimizing downtime and streamlining the transition to 5G networks.

Secure Communication

Security is paramount in the industrial IoT landscape. MultiTech’s RedCap UE employs state-of-the-art security features, including secure authentication and network encryption, to safeguard data and ensure the integrity of communications.

Potential Applications of 5G NR RedCap

Autonomous Vehicles

Real-time autonomous decisions depend on deterministic low latency always-on connectivity to receive information and take prompt actions that improve efficiency and safety.

Manufacturing Robotics

5G NR RedCap is optimized for facilities that rely on densely deployed assets that generate large amounts of data. Realizing full mobility enabling the agility to quickly move around production lines to meet different factory floor configurations.

EV Charging

RedCap is a game changer in the low power IoT space. Cost optimized and future proofed connectivity by network operators to charging infrastructure. Improving  overall efficiency, access, and scalability of charging stations.