The Things Conference 2023

Join us at The Things Conference – the flagship event about LoRaWAN®. Boost your LoRaWAN skillset, get access to LoRaWAN products and interact with MultiTech and other relevent players in the industry. MultiTech will showcase its complete portfolio of MultiTech LoRa-enabled gateway solutions, LoRa endpoints and sensors. MultiTech gateways enable your IoT applications in a myriad of outdoor and indoor use cases. These products were designed to ensure the quickest route to market based on your needs, programming capabilities, preferred use of resources and business focus, in order to deliver a fast return on investment and low total cost of ownership. MultiTech makes it easy to scale and deploy your IoT project or expand your existing solution. If you wish to book an appointment, please email us at We look forward to connecting with you at the event.