Digitalization in Oil and Gas Conference 2023

This event combines the world’s largest and most senior network of digitalization events for the energy sector, which focuses on Edge Computing, Blockchain, IoT, Connectivity and Digital Twins.

The must-attend annual event focuses on the oil & gas industry’s digitalization challenges and opportunities, from technology selection, onboarding, reducing field accidents, supply chain optimization, and developing cyber security standards to real-world technical use cases.

As the world becomes more connected, so is the oil and gas industry. Innovations in bandwidth communications, 5G, and LoRa networks are rapidly connecting even the most remote work areas. The Connectivity track will inform you about Communication technologies, cybersecurity and its role in ensuring the confidentiality of data and systems, and how to ensure regulatory compliance.

MultiTech has been transforming technology in the energy space and has a long history of enabling standards-based industrial communications for a variety of connectivity needs. Whatever your application, there is a MultiTech product to enable your solution, supporting your choice of dedicated, resilient and secure 3GPP private-LTE, CBRS and LoRaWAN® long range networks.

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