SMS Worlwide's Disaster Communication System

Disaster communication, simplified.



In times of crisis, maintaining communication between individuals is vital. With this awareness in mind, SMS WorldWide went to work in 1999 to develop the first major incident text communication system to handle emergency communication management needs. The system required a no-fault text messaging foundation. Regardless of any and all conditions, it was imperative that messages within the system could be successfully transmitted from a desktop, laptop or tablet computer to any cell phone on any network worldwide. Failure within the system was unacceptable.

The communication solution required independence from the Internet, telephone and satellite as these sources are subject to disturbances and ultimately breakdowns during unsettled conditions.


An intelligent, reliable modem was the solution. SMS turned its attention to finding the ultimate modem, compatible with its installed hardware and robust enough to facilitate communication in light of even the worst-case scenario. The system required a reliable cellular modem solution to provide customers with a platform to broadcast Major Crisis Text message alerts from its SMS Gateway to recipients of customer groups in a stable Gateway environment. This cellular modem became a crucial part of the solution and finding the right one was a pivotal next step.

By 2001-2002 SMS had tested numerous Interface modems from various manufacturers worldwide. None of them offered the modem build nor the reliability needed for its Gateway. It was MultiTech’s history of innovation, service excellence and superior quality that ultimately caught the eye of SMS. From the earliest analog systems to the cellular heart of today’s industrial Internet of Things to the latest low-power wireless technology, the Company consistently connected businesses in ways previously unimaginable and had been doing so for more than 40 years. In the end, MultiTech was the only manufacturer with this kind of experience and modem performance stable enough and compatible with SMS Worldwide’s Gateway demands.

Today, SMS Worldwide utilizes MultiTech’s MultiConnect® Cell. This cellular modem offers 2G, 3G models with GSM/GPRS and HSPA+ technologies. They integrate seamlessly with any application and are available with RS-232/RS-422 or USB interfaces to cover all application needs. The low-maintenance modem is ideal for automated M2M applications such as remote diagnostics and monitoring, which periodically need to send or receive data and SMS Text Messages over a wireless network. Additionally, SMS Worldwide is using MultiTech’s MultiModem® iSMS. These intelligent turnkey SMS servers send automated text message notifications and alerts to customers or equipment using standard SIM cards and connect directly to an Ethernet network to broadcast SMS Text notifications and alerts to mobile phones or other systems. The MultiModem® iSMS Servers are ideal for sending updated information to customers and employees. SMS Worldwide most recently began using MultiTech’s MultiConnect® Cell 100 Series Modem with USB accessory kit. 

4G-LTE Cat 4 Cellular Modems (Global)


“Not only does MultiTech deliver easy to adopt and use solutions – turnkey or configurable – I can count on them to respond to my needs and get it done. They have the answers I need when I need them.” said Laurence Myerson, CEO of SMS Worldwide. “We were impressed by MultiTech’s superb support structure and service excellence, which is essential in our kind of work. After reviewing products from numerous vendors, MultiTech consistently came out on top.”

Today, SMS Worldwide is proud to have its Major Crisis & Disaster text communication systems embedded in the world’s most advanced high security operation rooms. These systems are up and running in high security environments and counter terrorist sites worldwide and can be found today in New Scotland Yard, Buckingham Palace, Heathrow Airport, US Embassies, and within numerous other worldwide Emergency Services clients across the world.

According to SMS, the reliability of MultiTech’s modems is unsurpassed and the use of MultiTech’s products provides the company and its clients with the confidence they need to install and trust its Major Crisis Text alert system.


SMS is looking to MultiTech for its future requirements. “MultiTech is constantly updating its products to provide us with the functionality for our expanding Global requirements,” added Myerson. “We are sold on MultiTech, their performance is consistently outstanding.”

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