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Send a command

Now that we’ve connected your rCell 300, there are several powerful features managing your device:

  1. Device configuration update – including modifying what the device checks in and how often it checks in.
  2. Device firmware update to include new features or security patches.
  3. Request device logs for triaging issues.
  4. Scheduling a reboot e.g. to resolve any potential issues.

Reboot your device from the Cloud.

Next time the device checks in, (by default 4 hrs.) it will receive the scheduled reboot.

image (12)
image (10)

Try for yourself in MultiTech Cloud:

Cycle power to speed up the check in process:

After scheduling the reboot command, remove the MTR3 power cable, wait 3 seconds, and then plug it back in. The LEDs will go yellow again as it boots up and checks into MultiTech Cloud. Normally, it will take the scheduled command upon next check in, which may be e.g. 4 hours, depending on how you’ve setup your device communication.

Note: It might take up to 5 minutes again to boot up and check in with the cloud again. When it finishes booting up and checks into the cloud, Internet and Power LEDs will be steady green again.

Then it will receive the reboot command, and you’ll see the LEDs go yellow again as it goes through its reboot and check in process.

image 103


image 102


You can also confirm the command was completed in MultiTech Device Manager:

Congratulations! You just connected your rCell 300 and sent it a command.

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