MultiTech Executives Highlight Breadth of Connectivity Expertise and Solutions for Energy Sector at ENTELEC 2022

Panels, Roundtables, Workshops and Demonstrations Highlight Operational Digitization and Wireless Convergence of Private 5G–CBRS and LoRaWAN within Oil & Gas Segments




MultiTech executives share insights at ENTELEC 2022 Conference and Expo taking place April 26-28 at the George R. Brown Convention Center, Hall B3, Booth #331.

The ENTELEC Association is the world-leading energy operator member association. The Annual Spring Conference & Expo is the gathering of ENTELEC members who deliver compliance, efficiency, security and innovation to the business units of energy companies such as petroleum, pipeline, natural gas and electric utilities by leveraging all aspects and interaction of: telecom, information technology, the internet, digital transformation, IIoT, automation, cybersecurity, AI/ML and computing from the edge to the cloud.              

The Presentations 
Tuesday, April 26

  • LoRa 101 Technical Workshop 

    Participants:  AI King, System Architect, MultiTech and Clint Guillory from Sync Automation 
    Location: Room 352E 
    Time: 8:00 – 10:00am. 
    Subject: In this workshop you will learn why LoRa accomplishes amazing long range links. We will explain the relationship between the unique characteristics such as Data Rates, Spreading factors, Bandwidth, Receiver Sensitivity, and Sensor battery life. Discuss LoRaWAN architectures, network security, classes of operation, activation process, and Gateway backhaul options. We will also provide hands-on instruction how to connect Off-the-Shelf industrial and C1Dx hazardous rated LoRaWAN sensors and gateways, gain access to sensor data in minutes and create analytics in Ignition SCADA
  •  “Getting Started with LoRaWAN shouldn’t be so hard” 

    Participants: Mike Fahrion, CTO of MultiTech 
    Location: Room 350 F 
    Time: 10:30 a.m. 
    Subject: LoRaWAN is the leading LPWA technology solution for acquiring operational data from far flung assets. And while the range and power efficiency of LoRaWAN has been well proven and meets the needs of numerous applications in oil & gas segments, many companies continue to struggle with achieving a successful proof of concept (PoC).

The problem lies in the complexity of integration to stand-up your own LoRaWAN network and connect a sensor to a gateway, and a gateway to a LoRaWAN Network Server. Decoding the LoRaWAN sensor data, integrating it to your end application software, and doing it all in a scalable, efficient, and secure manner.

  • Regulatory and Technology Luncheon 

    Participants: Daniel Quant, VP of Strategic Development, MultiTech; ENTELEC Industrial IoT sub-committee Chair, ENTELEC Technical Committee Member 
    Location: Room 351 A 
    Time: 11:45 – 12:45 p.m. 
    Subject: The ENTELEC Regulatory and Technology Update is an opportunity to learn about one of the most important ENTELEC membership benefits, The ENTELEC Regulatory and Technology Committee. This Committee was formed to address pressing regulatory developments of interest to ENTELEC’s membership. This is your opportunity to come hear the latest updates from the different subcommittees: IIoT, Cyber Security, Spectrum and FCC/Towers. All Members of ENTELEC are eligible and encouraged to join the Regulatory & Technology Committee.
  • Vendor Challenge: “A Deeper Dive Into Implementing IIoT Networks into Legacy Scada Systems”  

    Participants: AI King, System Architect, MultiTech and Clint Guillory from Sync Automation. Moderated by JL Betts, RAD, ENTELEC Technical Committee Member 
    Location: Room 351 F 
    Time: 3:30 – 4:30 p.m. 
    Subject: Discussion will focus on implementing IIoT networks into legacy SCADA systems. Is it a migration project into an existing SCADA system, a forklift Rip and Replace project, or is it a completely new technology overlaying a traditional legacy system?

Wednesday, April 27

  • Panel Discussion “LoRaWAN a Mature Technology for Oil & Gas” 

    Participants: Daniel Quant (Moderator), VP of Strategic Development, MultiTech; ENTELEC Industrial IoT sub-committee Chair, ENTELEC Technical Committee Member. Panelists – Mike Fahrion, MultiTech; Philippe Daroux, Chevron; Anu Mahesh, Yokogawa; Quming Zhau, FlowServe; Clint Guillory, Sync Automation; Ashley Pope, Oxit 
    Location: Technical Theatre 1, Exhibit Hall B3 
    Time: 12:45 – 1:45 p.m. 
    Subject: As LoRaWAN® is an ITU-approved international and open standard, this panel will discuss a broad number of applications that can solve digitization challenges such as condition-based monitoring, valve positioning and monitoring, pump monitoring, pressure and temperature sensing, chemical tank level optimization, and environmental and worker safety monitoring. The panel will provide insight into the latest releases to the LoRaWAN specifications and the impact within Oil & Gas. This discussion panel is delivered to you by the Industrial IoT sub-committee and the Industrial work group within the LoRa Alliance®.  

Thursday, April 28

  • Roundtable – Industrial IoT Workgroup Meeting (sub-committee breakfast) 

    Participants: Daniel Quant, VP of Strategic Development, MultiTech; ENTELEC Industrial IoT sub-committee Chair, Billy Hayes, Williams ENTELEC Industrial IoT sub-committee Vice-Chair 
    Location: Room 350 D 
    Time: 8:00 – 9:00 a.m. 
    Subject: ENTELEC Members interested in joining the Entelec Industrial IoT sub-committee are welcome to attend this discussion. IIOT is a Sub-Committee of the ENTELEC Regulatory & Technology Committee that is focused on the Industrial Internet of Things affecting the O&G Industry. It provides a forum for members to discuss, educate and showcase emerging connectivity technologies capable of connecting Oil and Gas assets to deliver services for improved business efficiency, compliance and competitiveness using Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communication; a fundamental part of the Internet of Things.  Discussion will focus on wireless 4G/5G broadband to the field, LoRaWAN sensor networks, E&SG and future of SCADA integration of assets to applications. A light breakfast, to fuel discussion, will be available.
  • Panel – “Private 4G to 5G Connectivity – Where, When & How” 

    Participants:  Daniel Quant (Moderator), VP of Strategic Development, MultiTech; ENTELEC RT Industrial IoT sub-committee Chair, ENTELEC Technical Committee Member. Panelists – Ed Pichon, OnGo Alliance; Tom Porter, Chevron; Mat Eshpeter, UBBA, Burns & McDonnell; Steele Bennett, Federated Wireless. 
    Location: Technical Theatre 1, Exhibit Hall B3 
    Time: 10:15 – 11:15 a.m. 
    Subject: Private 5G cellular networks are forecasted to scale across worldwide markets exceeding $8B in equipment shipments by 2026 according to IDC. Connecting industrial assets with broadband low-latency ultra-reliable connectivity capable of automating assets, digitizing workflows and providing enterprise mobility to workers and their safety. Is 5G already here today and are industrial enterprises already building the networks of the future connecting assets with a clear RoI. If not when, where, and how?  

The Demonstrations 
Near real-time field data — See industrial-grade LoRaWAN sensors and gateways using Ignition Edge provide access to field data in minutes from an Ignition SCADA system using MQTT and SparkplugB brokers, presented in partnership with Sync Automation (Booth #610).

Vibration sensing – Prescriptive Maintenance of pumps, motors and moving assets, via MultiTech OneBox™ displayed on tablets & alerting to exhibit cell phones. First of its kind, OneBox kits provide quick, easy path to validate the effectiveness of LoRaWAN® with no LoRa® expertise required in minutes. Includes MultiTech Conduit® AP indoor gateway and relevant MultiTech wireless sensors. (Booth #331)

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