MultiTech Design System

Focused, Functional, and Accessible

The product images on our product webpages are presented in a high resolution 1000px format suitable for online use. To download an image, right click on the image and select the “save image as” function.

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Design principles

Design principles are fundamental concepts and guidelines that inform the process of creating effective and aesthetically pleasing designs across various user interfaces, applications, architecture, and more. These principles serve as a framework to help MultiTech make informed decisions and create designs that are visually focused, functional for the users, and accessible to all.
These principles are flexible and can be adapted to different design contexts, but they collectively contribute to creating well-crafted and effective MultiTech designs. If you have questions about their use or unique specific goals and requirements that are not met below, please contact MultiTech Marketing.
Our brand reflects who we are and where we are going. It’s the unique combination of our mission, vision, and values that have driven over 50 years of innovation.


To make connected technology easy to adopt and use by focusing on customer needs, developing innovative solutions, outpacing market change, leveraging best-in-class processes, and empowering our team to achieve and grow.


To be the preferred provider for innovative connected technology destined to transform our world.


Delivering ground-breaking innovation for more than 50 years requires visionary thinking, a culture of continual learning, inspired invention and relentless focus on finding new ways to solve real-world problems.

Whether from our products or our team, we are committed to optimal performance. We hold ourselves accountable for the quality and reliability of the technology we produce, as well as the dicipline required to produce it.

Collaboration, understanding, mutual respect are central to our effectiveness, innovation and longevity. As such, we extend kindness and transparency to everyone who touches or is touched by our business – our customers, partners, suppliers and, most importantly, our team.

The Company Name

Our legal name remains Multi-Tech Systems, Inc., which will continue to be used in official company documents as well as the sign-off in marketing materials (e.g., address block on business cards and brochures).

In marketing communications and in most practical applications going forward, we will be known as MultiTech. The hyphen and the word “Systems” has been dropped, and the initial capital letters M and T have been retained with no space between the words.

Our new identity, featured in this document, has been updated to reflect the change visually. New guidelines call for using MultiTech in copy, in most instances and with few exceptions (e.g., official company sign-off, or need to establish legal name in a legal document or first mention in a press release).

When creating external facing communications and documents the following is approved for use.
MultiTech  or  Multi-Tech Systems, Inc.

Examples of variations that are not approved:
Multi-Tech or Multitech or Multi Tech or MultiTech Systems 

Questions regarding the use of MultiTech and Multi-Tech Systems, Inc. may be directed to the MultiTech marketing department.

This unique collection of characteristics define the visual brand, and when consistently applied across all print and digital communications it reinforces and builds our brand impression.

Foundations are the visual elements needed to create engaging layouts and end-to-end user experiences.

Brand Logos, Trademarks, Photos, and Graphical Elements

Only approved MultiTech logos may be used in advertising, sales literature, electronic communications or other applications. MultiTech brand logos should never be re-created using different fonts or artwork.

If you have any questions regarding the use of trademarks, brand logos, or you need new artwork, please contact:

Carol Montour
Partner Marketing Manager

P. 763.717.5530

Matthew MacDowell
Director of Marketing