Facilities Management Innovation for Smart Water Safety

Prevent, Protect, Maintain, Sustain

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Currently, building or facilities managers are bound to an expensive, inefficient and unreliable manual process in order to comply with the 2002 (COSHH) ACoP L8: Legionnaires’ disease. Temperatures are taken with a handheld thermometer, taps are turned on frequently to avoid the buildup of stagnant water, and the manual reporting of information can be inaccurate and unreliable.

Tap Into What Your Building Is Telling You

An IoT-based Smart Water Management solution gives you and your clients real-time water data, 24/7. Once you know water temperatures in real-time, you know if water is stagnant or moving, and only need to flush when the system tells you it’s necessary. Combine the monitoring platform with our unique wireless flushing valve and now one person can remotely manage hundreds of sites and thousands of outlets from a laptop.

More Than Compliance

From protecting a single building to large-scale facilities management, you benefit from:

  • Automated Legionella Compliance and Risk Reduction
    • Continuous outlet temperature monitoring—combined with our unique, remote intelligent flushing capability—allows you to exceed the COSHH health and safety legislation related to control of legionella bacteria in your water systems.
  • Increased Sustainability
    • Not only does the technology directly impact resource use through the reduction of unnecessary water flushing and reheating, but manual checks and maintenance are eliminated. As travel reduces, your speed to net zero increases.
  • Greater Cost Savings
    • With manual monitoring and compliance of remote sites eliminated, you or your clients can realise significant savings in travel, time and labour.
  • Building Health Checks
    • Regular automated reporting can inform the predictive maintenance process, highlighting malfunctioning boilers, issues with pumps, underperforming calorifiers and even recommending improvements to insulation. By replacing manual checking with remote management of 100 of its sites, one client has taken 25 vehicles off the road, reducing C02 levels by c28,000kg every year – a significant contribution to their zero carbon targets and KPIs.


"Problems are easily identified and rapidly corrected. The visual compliance data has proved invaluable in bringing instant insights and control to a previously haphazard manual process.”

Best-In-Class Solution

One secondary school was manually flushing 12 outlets for 4 mins, 5 days a week. Their calorifier was running high, hot and cold temperatures weren’t compliant at the majority of locations and stagnant water was an issue.
Creevx Smart Water Management installed:

  • Saved over €17k a year
  • Achieved building-wide compliance
  • Reduced labour by 2 hours per day
  • Lowered the calorifier by 15 degrees
  • Monitored cold water storage tanks (CWST) to identify future issues

With the real time monitoring, the data can be analyzed immediately and is accessible for all of those that need the data.

The challenge in refugee camps is the lack of infrastructure for electricity and for connected equipment so a stand-alone solution, both for the installed field sensors and radio network, is ideal. LoRaWAN® was selected for its long-range capacity, a longer sensor battery life and its support of easily installed private networks that eliminate the need for cabling through a stand-alone solar package.

Intelligence, Installed

IoT Smart Water Management starts with the installation of discreet wireless temperature sensors and flushing valves throughout the sites you manage. The sensors record temperature data every 15 minutes, relaying this information back to the cloud-based platform.

  • Water temperature is continuously analysed with alerts issued for areas of concern.
  • Using the platform, you can remotely flush outlets at any site only when necessary to prevent the growth of legionella bacteria.
  • All data is recorded and stored for compliance and further insights toward improved water management.

About Creevx

A Northern Ireland-based industrial IOT enterprise, brings together AI, automation, data, modular cloud platforms and facilities management expertise to help you better understand your buildings. With innovative Smart Water Management system, they help clients, including CBRE, Dublin Airport, DuPont and NI Water reduce costs and increase sustainability.

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