Innovate Overhead Outdoor Lighting with MultiTech and Illuminating Concepts

Created a remote device management (RDM) solution to enhance the capabilities of lighting



Established in 1981, Illuminating Concepts has a history of delivering full-service lighting and multimedia designs. With eye-catching and trend-setting lighting and multimedia presentations that can be seen all over the world, IC is an industry leader in this creative space. In fact, Illuminating Concepts has won several awards for lighting systems in architectural, retail, and environmental applications. 

The creative designers at IC are constantly developing lighting displays that enhance ambiance while still maintaining a level of practicality and intuitive functionality for the end user. This approach has helped IC become one of the largest, most reputable, and most experienced lighting and multimedia design firms on the planet. 


Looking to take their lighting displays to the next level, the designers at Illuminating Concepts reached out to MultiTech to provide a top-of-the-line remote device management (RDM) solution to enhance the capabilities of their lighting arrangements. “MultiTech is always responsive to my needs,” explains Larry Schirmer, IT Administrator at Illuminating Concepts. “We use their products in overhead outdoor (OOD) lighting solutions.” 

In searching for the ideal RDM solution for their unique and innovative OOD lighting designs, Illuminating Concepts couldn’t help but notice how MultiTech’s advanced and cutting-edge solutions clearly stood out. In particular, the MultiConnect® rCell 100 Series cellular routers were the optimal choice for this specific application.

Part of MultiTech’s complete portfolio of cellular connectivity products, the MultiConnect rCell 100 is an optimized M2M (machine to machine) communication device. Utilizing a cloud-based device management platform, the MultiConnect rCell 100 delivers over-the-air network diagnostics and configuration while supporting 4G-LTE, 3G, and 2G cellular technology.  

Designed and tested in ISO 13485 facilities, the MultiConnect rCell 100 is proven to be a rugged and compact device that delivers integrated security and routing services. Featuring a wide variety of security capabilities such as firewall, IPSec, VPN, and certificate management, the rCell 100 is carrier approved with a flexible and secure web API for developers. 


The industry leading technology of MultiTech is the perfect complement to the innovative lighting and multimedia designs of Illuminating Concepts. This partnership first started over three years ago and has continually pushed the envelope of what is possible. 

IC has partnered with MultiTech because of its earned reputation for keeping business connected with the highest quality products on the market, as well as an unmatched level of trustworthy and responsive customer service. With this long history of excellence, it’s no wonder that over 25 million MultiTech devices can be found across the world and in every industry. 

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