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MultiConnect® rCell 100 Series

MTR Series

MultiConnect® rCell 100 Series Cellular Routers (MTR Series)

MultiConnect® rCell 100 Series

The MultiConnect® rCell 100 series of industrial cellular routers, optimized for secure M2M (machine-to-machine)/Internet of Things (IoT) applications, offer a Ethernet or serial network interface platform ready to deploy. The intuitive user interface and cloud device management allows for quick configuration and over-the-air upgrades. Enhanced with features such as WAN Failover, secure software updates, advanced firewall and routing configuration, and Certificate Management, the MultiConnect rCell 100 series creates an ideal environment for secure and redundant communications critical to the reliability of remote monitoring systems in a variety of industries. The MultiConnect rCell 100 series of cellular routers offer a long, stable lifecycle, an important consideration for M2M/IoT solutions.

Connecting Assets in Hazardous Locations Models

MultiConnect® rCell 100 Series industrial cellular routers with serial and Ethernet ports, Wi-Fi and GPS, for Class 1 Division 2 applications

Whether connecting an older serial device or todays Ethernet, the MultiConnect rCell will accommmodate the connectivity and the protocols.  Remote access to Modbus devices is made convenient with the integrated serial terminal server.  The MultiConnect rCell is certified for use with AT&T, Verizon,and T-Mobile to accommodate all your domestic deployments.

Offering multi-carrier connectivity for yesterdays serial devices and todays Ethernet in a single model.

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  • Cloud-based device management platform for over-the-air network diagnostics and configuration
  • Compact and rugged design
  • Integrated security and routing
  • Designed, manufactured and tested in ISO 13485 facilities


  • 4G-LTE (Cat 4, Cat M1/NB-IoT) models
  • Carrier approved
  • Security capabilities include firewall, IPSec, VPN and Certificate Management
  • Flexible and secure Web API for developers based on RESTful JSON over HTTPs
  • WAN Failover capability for redundant communications
  • Two-year warranty
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  • Developer documentation and support available at www.multitech.net
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Sample Use Cases

Medical Use Cases

Lives depend on communication technologies in hospitals. The MultiConnect rCell 100 series cellular router helps improve the quality of healthcare in these environments. It also allows healthcare professionals to provide remote patient monitoring, which reduces costs and improves the quality of life for patients.

Transportation and Logistics

When you’re moving high-value assets around the globe, using multiple modes of transportation, you are likely to need a variety of communications technologies to understand both the state and location of your goods, wherever they may be on their journey.

Infrastructure Monitoring and Analysis

The energy industry depends on constant streams of communications to ensure that processes and procedures happen automatically. Whether measuring fuel tank levels or monitoring the status of power lines, the MultiConnect rCell 100 series of cellular routers have changed the way oil and gas companies do business.

Helping Buildings Communicate

In today’s global economy, companies are facing new challenges when it comes to creating and managing Smart Buildings, offices, factories and more. With the growth of cloud-based services, intelligence at the device level is crucial for applications powering enterprise IoT solutions.

DeviceHQ takes remote device management and maintenance to a new level, by providing an application marketplace, allowing users to browse applications or build their own then easily deploy them to and customize them for remote devices from anywhere.