CE Marking and Radio Equipment Directive (RED)

Several European laws mandate certain products carry the CE Marking.

When selling products in Europe, you must determine if it requires a CE Marking, the formal name for CE certification.

The term “CE” stands for conformité européenne, which is French for European Conformity. When a product has a CE Marking, it is a symbol that it complies with all the applicable laws. If the regulations apply to your product, you can’t sell it or put it in service anywhere in Europe without the CE Marking.

Another aspect to CE marking for RF equipped products is the requirements for RED (Radio Equipment Directive) compliance.

The Radio Equipment Directive is a CE marking directive that regulates the placement of radio equipment on the EU market, and sets requirements for the health, safety, electromagnetic compatibility, and use of the radio spectrum.

MultiTech products sold in Europe meet CE and RED requirements and are posted below.

CE / RED "Declaration of Conformity" Documents

Gateways, Routers and Modems

Conduit 300 Series Gateway

Conduit Programmable IoT Gateway

Conduit IP67 Base Station

Conduit IP67 200 Series Base Station

mCard Gateway Accessory Card

Conduit AP 300 Series Access Point

Conduit AP Access Point

MultiConnect rCell 100 Series Cellular Router 

MultiConnect rCell 500 Series Cellular Router

MultiConnect Cell 100 Series Cellular Modem

MultiConnect eCell Cellular to Ethernet Bridge

MultiConnect microCell USB Cellular Modem

QuickCarrier USB-D Cellular Dongle

MultiConnect AW Analog-to-Wireless Converter

MultiConnect OCG-D Gateway

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