AT&T 3G Sunset Impact on 4G Devices

AT&T has announced their 3G Sunset Plan

Replacement 4G/LTE voice-capable cellular modules, integrated into many brands/vendors of cellular products including MultiTech, are configured for voice-centric signaling by default. Many of these 4G/LTE devices are likely to arrive at a “No Service” condition after 3G sunset — even for data-only applications unless action is taken beforehand.

To avoid service interruption for some 4G/LTE Category 1, 3 and 4 products impacted by the impending AT&T 3G network sunset, we recommend you review the Product Change Notifications – AT&T 3G Sunset Impacts on 4G Devices under RESOURCES to learn more.


Note: -xx means all models that include the prefix preceding the -xx.