IoT Cellular Embedded Modem and System-on-Module (SoM)

MultiTech Dragonfly™

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MultiTech Dragonfly™

Dragonfly™ Embedded Cellular Modem Models Available

The Dragonfly™ IoT cellular embedded modems and SoMs are fully certified and MNO approved, ready-to-integrate modules that offer developers the functionality of a programmable computing platform with the convenience of an onboard cellular radio all in one compact design. From a software perspective, Dragonfly is compatible with the Arm® Mbed™ programming platform allowing for rapid prototyping, development and deployment. With its integrated Cortex®-M4 processor, developers can host their application and have access to a full suite of interfaces for connecting sensors or other remote assets.

As the first Arm Mbed M2M cellular SoM listed on that is industry certified and deployment ready, applications can be written and compiled quickly online using developer friendly libraries, downloaded and hosted within the Dragonfly.

Dragonfly can be used as a cellular embedded SoM providing the maximum in design and application flexibility or it can be used as a cellular embedded modem requiring little or no modification to your existing design.

This powerful suite of hardware and software products greatly reduces your time to market and makes your Internet of Things (IoT) device a reality today.

Looking for a more compact version of the Dragonfly? See our LTE Cat M1 Dragonfly Nano.


  • Arm® Mbed™ OS enabled
  • Multiple I/O interfaces for connecting almost any “Thing”
  • SoM with modem and modem only models


  • End device certified by leading carriers
  • Family of cellular options include 4G-LTE Cat 4, Cat 1 and Cat M1
  • Developer friendly to integrate and quickly deploy assets
  • Long solution lifecycle reduces redesign time and cost
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Dragonfly™ Models Available

SocketModem® and Dragonfly™ Developer Kit : Cellular Developer Kit and Accessories (MTUDK2 Series)

Product Details:

SocketModem and Dragonfly Developer Kit with Accessories (Modem Sold Separately)  Includes Level VI universal power supply with US, European, UK and Australia/New Zealand power blades; magnetic GPS 3.3V antenna; LTE antenna 7″ 3.5 dBi; 3′ USB cable Type A to Type B Micro

    MTUDK2-ST-CELL Learn More

    SocketModem and Dragonfly Developer Kit with Accessories (Modem Sold Separately)

MultiTech Connection Manager – a software solution designed to greatly simplify and ease the installation, configuration and management of cellular connectivity in MultiTech USB and serial cellular modems that lack intelligence to manage these functions