Wireless Remote Tank Monitoring

All from one central source

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Are you a solution provider, system integrator or an OEM with customers responsible for monitoring geographically dispersed tanks on an ongoing basis? You and your customers want easy total solutions tailored to your needs and delivered quickly. Customers don’t want to deal with the complexity of developing solutions themselves; they want flexible solutions that can adapt to their requirements and improve their business. System integrators want to quickly deliver turn-key solutions to their customers.

Building an IoT solution that works for every application is a costly and time-consuming process. New wireless remote tank monitoring systems are now available to provide a solution to check fluid levels in multiple tanks, across multiple sites, all from the computer or smartphone for real time access to data to use to reduce costs, improve efficiency and expand customer base. Now you and your customers can easily prevent tank overfills and run outs while optimizing deliveries within a solution that is easy to configure, deploy and support without having to build it yourself.


The MultiTech Conduit® programmable gateway supports TankVista, a New Boundary Technologies RemoteAware IoT application service. It is a comprehensive, easy to use, tank monitoring solution that utilizes low-cost battery-powered wireless tank sensors. Additionally, its integration with MultiTech’s DeviceHQ®, a cloud-based device management tool, enables remote configuration and updates for MultiTech Conduits in the field.


  • LoRaWAN® technology lets multiple tanks communicate with a single MultiTech Conduit.
  • Flexible solution for every application that easily adapts to customer requirements.
  • Market ready in only one day without needing programming.
  • Monitor all types of tanks and bins containing bulk liquids, solids and gases.
  • Robust and field-proven hardware and software.
  • Configurable web dashboards for phones, tablets, laptops and Pcs.
  • Prevent overfills and run-outs and optimize deliveries.
  • Built in Text & e-mail alerts, map views, reports and integration APIs.
  • Wireless battery-powered sensors minimize installation costs.
  • Easy to configure, deploy and support. How it works Tank Sensors + MultiTech Conduit + TankVista

About New Boundary Technologies

New Boundary Technologies has been pioneering innovative Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine-to-Machine (M2M) applications since 1985. Its RemoteAware™ IoT application service has provided private label branded solutions for Fortune 500 companies, solution providers and system integrators since 2001. RemoteAware applications are provided as a hosted service, so solution providers and customers don’t need their own IT resources. A rich set of out-of-the-box capabilities delivers applications quickly requiring little or no software development. Visit RemoteAware.com for more information.

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