Students Nationwide Discover the Possibilities of LoRaWAN Networks

Utilize Leading MultiTech IoT Solutions to Develop Innovative Use Cases Across a Wide Range of Industries, Including Agriculture and Oil and Gas Markets

Las Vegas, Nevada – Jan. 8, 2019 – Multi-Tech Systems, Inc., a leading global manufacturer of M2M and IoT communication devices, today announced the MultiTech University IoT Program is continuing on its growth path and creating opportunities for students by providing the tools and education to apply new connectivity technologies.

As part of the program, MultiTech provides students with access to solutions within its award-winning product line, introducing an exceptional opportunity to apply their expertise and creativity, while simultaneously exploring the possibilities of LoRa®.

“Students that are utilizing our products are eager to explore different use cases. Our LoRa technology-based systems provide them with the flexibility and tools they need to easily implement very creative solutions,” said MultiTech Senior Manager for Programs and Partnerships, Gregg Zastrow. “It is our pleasure to work with such an enthusiastic and collaborative community and we look forward to further expanding the program and providing even more opportunities for students and universities.”

A sampling of deployments currently in the works include:

  • University of Texas –Yousef Baiji, a student at the University of Texas, is writing his thesis on leak detection in oil pipes, a major issue within the Oil and Gas Industry.

“I’m using MultiTech’s mDot connected to a flow meter to measure the flow and volume and also am using bme280 for pipe temperature , the first phase was to gather data from a pipe using water as an experiment I’m exploring the possibility to implement machine learning to get some results.”

The MultiConnect® mDot™ is a secure, CE/FCC/RCM/GITEKI certified, Arm® Mbed™ programmable, low-power RF module that provides long-range, low bit rate M2M data connectivity to sensors, industrial equipment and remote appliances. mDot is part of the MultiTech family of LoRaWAN™ communications devices which also includes the programmable MultiConnect® Conduit® gateway, and MultiConnect® mCard™ gateway accessory cards.

  • Colorado State University – The AgTech startup CattleFit is working with Colorado State Universities Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering to develop a remote health monitor for the beef cattle industry. Using MultiTech’s IoT technology the students at CSU can now rapidly develop and test prototypes that will ultimately improve operations for cattle ranchers. Using MultiTech’s IoT technology CattleFit is developing a remote health monitor that improves the health and wellbeing for beef cattle while also increasing the efficiency and profitability for cattle ranchers.

“The environments that we are working in are often remote and the conditions are demanding. MultiTech’s long range, low powered IoT technology allows us to provide data driven solutions to cattle ranchers to improve the efficiency and profitability of their operations,” says CattleFit founder David Poussard.

The MultiConnect® Conduit® IoT Starter Kit for LoRa® Technology provides everything developers need get LoRa proof of concept up, running and connected to the cloud quickly – all in one box. The kit features the MultiConnect® Conduit®. The MultiConnect® Conduit® IP67 Base Station is a ruggedized IoT gateway solution, specifically designed for outdoor LoRa® public or private network deployments. The highly scalable and certified MultiConnect Conduit IP67 gateway is capable of resisting the harshest environmental factors including moisture, dust, wind, rain, snow and extreme heat. The device supports LoRaWAN™ applications in virtually any environment.

  • San Diego State University – Students within the IoT Lab at San Diego State University are building a LoRaWAN Smart Receptacle for Smart City metering and demand response applications. Two MultiTech MultiConnect Conduit gateways are currently in place to relay packets to an application server via MQTT.

“Current load shedding techniques employed by energy utilities do not distinguish among user appliances, such as refrigeration systems, and ultimately result in total power loss to selected distribution regions during rolling blackouts,” said Christopher Paolini, Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, San Diego State University. “The LoRa-based smart receptacle architecture being developed, utilizes MultiConnect Conduit gateways, and provides a pathway for energy companies to monitor individual appliance load.”

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