MultiTech Expands University IoT Program to Include CBRS Private LTE Devices for OnGo Networks

Provides opportunities to learn and apply new digitalization technologies while also enabling remote learning for colleges and their communities.

Mounds View, MN – September 15, 2020 – Multi-Tech Systems, Inc., a leading global supplier of Industrial IoT communication devices and services, today announced the addition of its industry-leading line of CBRS devices to the MultiTech University IoT Program to help prepare students for the 5G digital transformation future while enabling remote learning to support ongoing academic engagement and growth throughout and beyond the COVID-19 pandemic.

Launched in 2017, the MultiTech University IoT Program has introduced a new generation of engineers to cutting-edge communications technologies and inspired a wave of innovation addressing critical systems in smart campuses, energy, agriculture, health sciences and environmental monitoring at more than 120 participating institutions.

Today, with each of those institutions stretched to deliver quality education while maintaining healthy social distancing, many are looking for ways to extend network services beyond the campus perimeter and deliver broadband internet access to off-campus students, faculty and the local community. MultiTech’s CBRS devices, the first of their kind, are now discounted for the educational community to speed adoption and help ensure every student can connect to virtual learning during the pandemic and beyond. They connect a wide range of educational assets to dedicated private LTE OnGo networks and traditional cellular networks, where available.

Once deployed, universities can leverage their private LTE network technology to train students how to deploy 4G and 5G industrial automation and IoT applications, utilize distributed edge computing, machine learning and integration to cloud data management platforms. In the long term, some plan to leverage their private network to isolate critical campus systems like: outdoor emergency and safety, transit, CCTV, point-of-sale, athletics and events, campus police communications and more from potentially vulnerable public networks.

“Liberalization of mid-band spectrum in the US and abroad has made way for a paradigm shift in the way cellular networks are deployed: from thousands of wireless operators to millions of sites with their own cellular network, including sports venues, airports, malls, hotels, mines, manufacturing facilities, office spaces, and, yes, colleges and universities” said Daniel Quant, VP Strategic Development of MultiTech. “Our organization has a longstanding commitment to supporting education and talent development of the next generation of IoT innovators. By including our private LTE products in our University IoT Program, we can help make that vision a reality, while at the same time supporting ongoing educational effectiveness during these unprecedented times.”

CBRS and Private LTE 
CBRS is 150 MHz of spectrum – ranging from 3550 – 3700 MHz – in the 3.5 GHz band. Used sparingly by the U.S government and other entities, this band was identified by the FCC as additional spectrum for shared wireless private broadband. OnGo, the name of the wireless services within the CBRS band, enables easy deployment of Private LTE networks ideal for distance learning, not only for its cost efficiency and security, but to enable Internet connectivity for rural and underserved locations where neither public cellular nor Wi-Fi networks exist.

Distance Learning with MultiTech

For 2020, MultiTech has partnered with select distributors to offer special pricing to the education community to enable:

  • Chromebook and notebook connectivity
    Many colleges and universities deploy Chromebooks or Windows Notebooks to their students, but without Internet access, their usefulness is severely limited. Adding a MultiConnect® microCell CBRS modem to the USB port solves the issue instantly by providing plug-and-play access to the school’s OnGo network. These devices are ruggedized to withstand even the messiest dorm environments.
  • Broadband access + in-home Wi-Fi
    For shared living situations common among college students, the MultiConnect® eCell CBRS to Ethernet bridge pairs easily with your choice of Wi-Fi hot spots with a simple Ethernet cable to make it easy to attach a large number of devices to the Internet over a CBRS network at home or anywhere there is OnGo coverage. The OnGo network backhaul lets the institution control Internet traffic for student safety and to avoid competition with other local service providers.
  • Mobile Wi-Fi super hot spot
    The rugged and industrial MultiConnect® rCell 600 Series CBRS router can be deployed within busses or other vehicles to create a mobile hot spot supporting up to 128 simultaneous Wi-Fi connections. This router can also be deployed to create Wi-Fi hotspot for students in libraries, community centers, and other public venues where social distancing is possible — while eliminating the expensive data cost associated with traditional cellular enabled solutions. A connected bus now becomes a connected community hot spot that can be deployed on demand to provide connectivity, wherever and whenever needed throughout the community.

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