IoT Applications

Water Leak Detection

Water Leak Detection Using wireless sensors to identify water leaks remotely One type of wireless sensor that is becoming just as important as building security for many companies is the wireless water sensor. These sensors can detect the presence of water, fuel, and other types of liquids. Using wireless rope sensors, building managers can learn

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Smart Restrooms

Smart Restrooms Smart Restroom Management Smart Restrooms Due to changes in health and hygiene, restroom management has become a top priority for many facility managers across the globe. The restroom market historically added small incremental changes and features to differentiate its offerings. The next disruptive leap is to offer connectivity to enable operational efficiencies. The

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The IoT and smart sensor technology can be used to benefit art and cultural facilities. Monitor humidity, temperature, water leakage

Art & Culture

Art & Culture​ Lorawan IoT Sensors Specialty use cases for specialty places Many times, we forget that the Internet of Things (IoT) can enable innovation outside of SaaS and “smart” applications. We primarily associate digitization with next-generation cities, new-age security, predictive maintenance, and automated supply chain management. However, this thinking can be expanded to many

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