Smart Restrooms

Smart Restroom Management

Smart Restrooms

Due to changes in health and hygiene, restroom management has become a top priority for many facility managers across the globe.

The restroom market historically added small incremental changes and features to differentiate its offerings. The next disruptive leap is to offer connectivity to enable operational efficiencies. The restroom industry is now ready to integrate with facility management platforms. This will enable facility management to pool data from the restrooms and improve overall operational efficiencies.

People are spending more time than ever in the restroom due to increased hand hygiene requirements and health guidelines. As a result, the rate at which supplies are used is different and can be challenging to predict. Increased usage, paired with the demand for enhanced cleaning and disinfecting, and higher occupant expectations and standards, has driven the accelerated adoption of connected devices in commercial restrooms.

Where and how we work is much different now. For real estate and facilities management professionals, data is key. It’s the best way to make critical decisions about when and how to maintain facilities. Commercial restrooms have been a source of frustration for property management, cleaning staff, and building occupants and guests. Smart Restroom Management systems provide the data to drive and element or avoid potential frustration events. IoT systems report real-time data to ensure devices are properly functioning and fully stocked. Smart restroom solution helps boost cleaning staff efficiency, lower product waste, and reduce complaints.

Optimized Maintenance Schedules

With detailed product usage and other relevant tracking information data, facility managers can better manage their staff. Understanding the rate of traffic or how and when most people use your restrooms, when stock is about to run out, or if the system battery is low.

Facility managers can strategically decide when the cleaning staff needs to service commercial washrooms. By eliminating unnecessary steps to check supply levels in your restrooms, you can redirect your cleaning team to other cleaning and maintenance tasks. The system can offer predictive maintenance intelligence to also help plan staff’s activities.

Better Management

While allowing you to reallocate labor, Smart Restroom Systems also help you reduce waste. Labor waste can add a big cost for facilities managers. Also, uniformity of data, and the method of evaluation is essential to drive a universal quality standard baseline for restroom management. Automation can provide a unified way to measure and evaluation of restroom status – instead of relying on individual judgment, which can create variation.

Structured Smart Restroom data allows AI to drive analytics and predictability for the next maintenance schedule. Facility managers can make smarter decisions to restock and trigger a buy event for consumables. However, the staff may still replace the soap or paper goods, like tissues, towels, and toilet paper, before they are fully consumed just because they are there. Premature refills create unnecessary waste. Smart Restroom Systems alert your maintenance team right before an outage so the devices can be serviced at precisely the right time.