Access Point for LoRaWAN®

MultiTech Conduit® AP 300 Series

Cloud Managed for Scalability

Remotely provision and manage your fleet of Conduit AP 300 series LoRaWAN gateways using DeviceHQ.

Open LoRaWAN Ecosystem


Connects any LoRaWAN sensor to any network server. Supporting Basic Station, and Packet Forwarder.

Unlock your Building Management System

mPower OS includes an embedded LoRaWAN network server and BACnet integration to your Building Management Systems.

Features at a glance

Indoor LoRaWAN 8 Channel Gateway providing superior in-building wireless penetration with optional cellular 4G LTE Backhaul.

Seamlessly connect thousands of sensors wirelessly within smart buildings to meet the demands of Retail Operations, Quick Serve Restaurants, C-Stores, Grocery, Expo, Higher Education, and Commercial Real Estate.


Faster Firmware Updates


Faster Encryption


Available Memory


Faster Cellular Backhaul


Retail Food Service Fridge Temperature and Humidity Monitoring

Cold chain monitoring of core food temperature. 8%+ Energy savings, 15% reduction in food waste and simplified store operations.

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Water Leak Detection

Higher tenant occupancy with reduced risk of property damage. Second largest insurance claim after natural disasters. Reduced Insurance premiums, up to 8%, improved risk management and claim execution.

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Facilities Management Innovation for Smart Water Safety

Automated Legionella Compliance and Risk Reduction. Increased Sustainability and Improved Cost Savings. Compliance of 2002 (COSHH) ACoP L8:. Legionnaires’ disease gives you and your clients real-time water data, 24/7.

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LoRaWAN Network Partners

Programmable embedded software provides enhanced security and enables task execution at the edge for reduced latency and cost optimization

Integrating the Latest Semtech SX1303 LoRa Gateway Transceiver

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