MultiTech LoRa USB Dongle

xDot® Essential and Advanced Developer Kit


MTMDK-XDOT-NA1-B14 MultiTech xDot® Micro Developer Kit

The xDot­® Essential and Advanced Developer Kit is a USB dongle engineered to simplify application development. Its portability facilitates easy laptop integration, enabling developers to effortlessly run AT commands or design custom Mbed-based applications.

This kit includes a development board with an xDot, an integrated LoRa antenna and a Quick Start Guide.

Develop IoT Applications Quickly & Easily

The MultiTech xDot® is Arm® Mbed™ compatible meaning applications can be written and compiled quickly online using developer friendly libraries, downloaded and hosted within the xDot. Decision making and control is distributed to the edge, enabling data to be more actionable without the heavy lift required to optimize RF performance, implement complex IoT middleware and security protocols needed to deploy a low touch install. In addition, xDots come from the factory with AT command firmware preloaded. This means you can use the xDot as an AT command driven LoRa modem. No custom software development for the xDot is needed when operating in this mode.

Operating Modes

  • Developer friendly Arm Mbed libraries provides customization capability for specific applications
  • Comprehensive AT command instruction set


  • Smart cities
  • Smart meters
  • Supply chain and logistics 
  • Building automation
  • Agricultural sensors
  • Retail store sensors
  • Asset tracking
  • Street lights
  • Parking sensors 
  • Environmental sensors
  • Healthcare
  • Safety and security sensors
  • Remote control applications

Developer support and resources are available at

xDot® Essential & Advanced Developer Kits