Catch Water Leaks Before Incurring Major Damage & Repair Costs

MultiTech’s leak detection sensors and connected LoRaWAN gateways identifies and reports leaks using LoRaWAN before major damage occurs.



Emily is a conscientious building manager responsible for the maintenance of a variety of commercial facilities and several rental units. Her daily challenge and risk are the ongoing threat of water leaks occurring throughout the building, from office floors to server rooms, and around critical areas like boilers. The financial risk is significant, and the leaks are difficult to find with a visual inspection. Repeat water damage events can even cause insurance cancellation. 

Know Your 1,2,3s and Your $89Ks & 250s*
#1 Source of property damage is non-weather-related water losses*
2x as likely to suffer a second water loss if you’ve already experienced one*
3 months average time clients are out of their home after additional living expense is activated
$89,000 Mean Loss of commercial water damage loss
250 gallons of water can leak for a 1/8” pipe crack in one day
Water damage is 6x more likely than fire and 8x more likely than theft


Protecting buildings by quickly detecting leaks on floors, walls, and around essential areas like boilers and server rooms where leaks are difficult to find.


Building Managers
To solve these Challenges, Emily investigated how to use IoT technology to help her find and track water leaks and humidity damages which can also cause toxic mould. She reviewed various building management solutions and after careful consideration, partnered with an industry-leading company who addresses water leaks and other hazards in commercial facilities. The company extensively uses MultiTech’s advanced leak detection sensors and connected LoRaWAN gateways. This solution identifies and report leaks while also integrating temperature and humidity monitoring. She sees the potential for these sensors to assist insurance companies in more effective risk management, a feature that addresses her fear of not being insured.
Emily’s adoption of MultiTech’s Wireless Sensor technology ensures the building remains a secure and well-protected environment for all occupants — she can effectively and quickly identify and mitigate leaks across buildings remotely, and with ease.
Insurance Companies
Insurance companies also enjoy substantial benefits by installing Gateways and Sensors systems to track water leaks and humidity levels to detect issues well in advance of them becoming large, costly, damage claims. This also helps manage risk and helps attract new clients because of the proactive nature of the detection systems. Unfortunately, water damage claims have a high repeat frequency so this system will help reduce additional claims.
Early detection is critical to avoid illness, property damage, downtime, loss of use, business interruptions, and negative publicity.

Results / ROI Potential

• 39% of insurance claims are due to water damage
• $89,000 average loss per water claim

Wireless Solution Components

Wireless Leak Detection Sensors
Wireless Water Rope Sensor in 1M and 10M lengths
LoRaWAN | RBS301-WR1M-US | RBS3010EU0ABN08 The water rope sensor uses a water rope to detect the presence of water or other liquids. When the presence of water or another liquid is detected, an alert is sent to the wireless network.
Wireless Water Leak Sensor
LoRaWAN | RBS301-WAT-US | RBS3010EU0ABN00 The water leak sensor uses a water/liquid sensor probe to detect the presence of water or other liquids. When the presence of water or another liquid is detected, an alert is sent to the wireless network.
MultiTech Conduit® AP 300 Series
Indoor LoRaWAN 8 Channel Gateway providing superior in-building wireless penetration with optional cellular 4G LTE Backhaul. Seamlessly connect thousands of sensors wirelessly within smart buildings to meet the demands of Retail Operations, Quick Serve Restaurants, C-Stores, Grocery, Expo, Higher Education, and Commercial Real Estate.

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