Reinventing "School" with CBRS Private LTE

OnGo cellular technology in the CBRS band enables distance learning for students who otherwise might be disconnected from critical education resources.

Independent school districts, colleges and universities find themselves on the front edge of defining our “new normal” for post pandemic and beyond — balancing the health and safety of students, faculty and staff with their mission to optimize educational outcomes for students of all ages and backgrounds.

According to the Center for Reinventing Public Education, fewer than 50% of U.S. school districts intend to resume full-time in-person instruction, with more than 70% planning to offer as least partial at-home remote instruction. Unfortunately, the National PTA reports that more than 40% of students don’t have access to broadband Internet at home — a sad reality recognized by 56% of teachers who reported major barriers, including lack of Internet and lack of devices, preventing students from accessing remote learning during the extended school closures in the spring.

Making School Accessible with CBRS in the Classroom

With the help of federal grants, many school systems are looking to use CBRS spectrum to deploy a Private LTE OnGo network as a way of extending internet service to students in their homes while containing costs and protecting students from unwanted/unsavory content and or potential security and privacy issues. MultiTech is a leader in enabling Private LTE with a new line of rugged, plug-and-play OnGo CBRS devices which are particularly well suited to the needs of both school systems and their students.

OnGo private LTE networks complement public cellular and Wi-Fi networks and can provide coverage where neither exists. Government agencies, independent school districts, hospitality and industrial enterprises alike are deploying OnGo networks to guarantee wireless coverage where public networks do not exist and in locations where wireless coverage is critical for organization efficiency.

Special pricing on CBRS solutions for the education sector:

Remote School connectivity technology

Secure high-performance Wi-Fi coverage

A Wi-Fi Access Point for use on CBRS cellular networks operated by school districts, educational facilities, smart cities, hospitality providers and their managed service partners. providing secure, reliable, high-performance private LTE-based Wi-Fi broadband coverage.
Connect devices directly to the networks

Connect Chromebooks and laptops

MultiConnect® microCell USB plug-and-play CBRS modem for OnGo networks. Directly connect Chromebooks to the network.
Wi-Fi access point to bridge reliable Wi-Fi access to multi-student housing

Broadband + in-home Wi-Fi

Add the Wi-Fi access point of your choice to the MultiConnect® eCell, an easy to deploy CBRS bridge to provide reliable Wi-Fi access to multi-student households.

Mobile Hot Spot

Deploy the MultiConnect® rCell 600 rugged, industrial router to school busses to establish mobile hotspots for up to 128 simultaneous Wi-Fi connections.
University CBRS distance learning connectivity technology

Why CBRS networks for distance learning?

  • Broadband Internet connectivity for rural and underserved locations suitable for remote learning
  • Cost efficient deployment architecture for improved connectivity in a school district, building and a campus
  • Lowest Operating Expense: Reduced costs associated with backhaul and data management and no costly data plans for the life of the asset — With traditional cellular route, roughly 1/4 to 1/3 of your funding evaporates in data costs. With PLTE, the majority funding goes into capital assets that outlive Covid.
  • Community-wide local and rural coverage
  • Securely Managed: Data remains on premise; off the internet and SIM-secure
  • Network designed to serve Education for improved coverage, range and density, with deterministic Quality of Service
  • Investment in assets that can be re-purposed as the digital divide naturally closes over time

Why MultiTech for distance learning?

  • HQ and manufacturing in the USA
    We back everything with first-class customer support and a standard 2-year warranty.
  • We’ve been connecting assets to fixed and wireless networks for 50 years.
  • No recurring charges for device management, firmware updates. It’s necessary and along with support, costed into your capital purchase for the life of your device.
  • Once the school’s network is in place, our broad portfolio of devices will help you connect all of your assets for many years to come
  • We offer both public cellular and private LTE/CBRS devices allowing you to offer a complete solution for your customers/institutions.
University Distance learning secure connectivity