mCard™ Gateway Accessory Cards – LoRa (Global)

The MTAC-003 gateway accessory card enables long range connectivity to distributed assets and sensors using the latest RF spread spectrum (LoRa) technology by Semtech®.

The accessory card features include:

  • Network-based geolocation using time difference of arrival (TDOA) and fine timestamping (requires gateway with GPS receiver and GPS antenna)
  • Improved coverage in dense LoRa networks
  • ISM band scanning and asset management range with LoRa of up to 10 miles/15 km line of sight or 1-3 miles/2 km through buildings
  • Listen Before Talk (LBT) capability
  • Bi-directional communications from thousands of MultiTech RevealTM LoRaWAN Wireless IoT Sensors or mDotTM or xDotTM long-range RF modules to a single Conduit®
MTAC-003 (LoRa 3) Card

MTAC-003 - Global Models Available

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