MultiTech Showcases the Impact and Potential of Wireless Networks, LPWA-enabled Hardware, and Private LTE within Utilities at DISTRIBUTECH International

Highlights the Digital Transformations Taking Place Within the Utility Sector and the Power of Private LTE Anterix 900MHz, 5G CBRS and LoRaWAN® in Driving the Industry Forward

Products and Demonstrations:

Anterix, Booth #1401: MultiTech is proud to be included for a second year at DISTRIBUTECH on the Anterix Active Gateway Display. MultiTech’s FCC approved and commercially available LTE Cat 4 MultiConnect® Cell 100 series serial/USB cellular modem and the LTE Cat-M MultiTech Dragonfly™ embedded modem, will be on display.

The 4G-LTE Cat 4, Cat 1 and Cat M1 data performance Dragonfly IoT cellular embedded modems are fully certified, and MNO approved, ready-to-integrate for OEMs planning to add Hybrid 4G-Private & Public LTE cellular communications to their Utility grade connected products and services.
The MultiConnect® Cell 100 series serial/USB cellular modem is a compact communications platform that provides cellular capabilities for fixed and mobile applications enabling grid resiliency, modernization and energy sustainability.
CTIA IoT Network Certified, Booth #4509: Display will include MultiTech’s LTE Cat-M Dragonfly™ embedded modem; LTE Cat 1 MultiConnect® microCell USB Modem; LTE Cat 4 MultiConnect® Cell 100 series modem; and LTE Cat 4 MultiConnect® rCell 100 series industrial router. These cost efficient and time saving IoT network certified devices accelerate the process of bringing connected products and services to market.

The SocketModem® Cell cellular embedded modem is a complete, ready-to-integrate communications device that offers 4G-LTE Cat 4, Cat 1 and Cat M1 data performance. These quick-to-market communications devices allow OEMs to add broadband cellular wireless communication to Renewable Energy and Grid Management assets with a minimum of development time and expense
Nokia, Booth #2236: Display highlights a complete, live, converged, private LTE network solution featuring Cat M (first time at DISTRIBUTECH) that supports AMI directly to the meter (as part of the new AMI 2.0), using MultiTech’s MultiConnect® rCell 100 series LTE Cat M router supporting additional use cases, such as Distribution Automation. The mission-critical private LTE network features the use of 900MHz (Anterix), and 3.5 GHz (CBRS) spectrum bands.

The MultiConnect® rCell 100 series of industrial cellular routers, optimized for secure mission-critical Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) applications, offering an Ethernet and a serial network interface ideal for connecting Distributed Energy Resources, EV Chargers, Distribution Automation assets and Grid solutions.
Telit, Booth #5233: Display will showcase FCC approved Anterix pLTE 900MHz capable LTE Cat 1 SocketModem® Cell and LTE Cat-M Dragonfly™ embedded modems; LTE Cat 1 MultiConnect® microCell USB Modem; and LTE Cat 4 MultiConnect® Cell serial modems integrating Telit Anterix capable modules that support all major North American LTE bands (including 900MHz).

The MultiConnect® microCell USB modem is a compact and simple communications platform that provides broadband cellular capabilities for Load Management, EV Charger, Distribution Automation and worker productivity applications.
UBBA, Booth #5633: MultiTech is committed to the transformation of mission-critical broadband wireless connectivity, within the Utility market, and proud to be founding members of the Utility Broadband Alliance. Learn more about how Utilities are connecting smart grid and energy distribution using Private LTE wireless connectivity and see MultiTech, Anterix and CBRS devices in the UBBA Plugfest use case demo.

WHEN: Show Dates: Feb. 7-9, 2023

WHERE: DISTRIBUTECH International Conference & Expo, San Diego Convention Center

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