MultiTech Launches OneBox™ Kits to Enable Quick Evaluation of LoRaWAN Technology for Building and Industrial Applications

First of its kind, one box starter kit provides quick, easy path to validate the effectiveness of LoRaWAN and roadmap for expansion with no LoRa expertise required.

Mounds View, MN, USA – January 5, 2022 –Multi-Tech Systems, Inc., a leading global supplier of Internet of Things (IoT) devices and services, today announced the availability of MultiTech OneBox™ Smart Building and OneBox Vibration Monitoring to simplify the process of evaluating LoRaWAN® technology for building applications and industrial equipment monitoring respectively.

Each OneBox kit includes a tailored set of LoRa® enabled MultiTech Wireless sensors and an easy-to-deploy Conduit® AP gateway for LoRaWAN to achieve insight from sensor to cloud, regardless of the application. Paired with a fully integrated device management console, OneBox provides automatic provisioning, monitoring, and configuration, as well as data visualization and notifications for immediate access to critical information to enable better business decision making.

The first of its kind integrated solution, OneBox kits eliminate one of the largest barriers to adoption of LoRaWAN — the difficulty of building an integrated system by “new-to-LoRa” or non-expert end users. In the past, organizations had to “build their own” solution which involves the complex integration of sensors, gateway, IT backhaul connectivity, network server, application, and more — all before being able to simply validate that the radio and sensor technology is a fit for their application. With OneBox, these same organizations now have one box with all the required components to do it for them.

“We are looking to help organizations concentrate on their end business versus worrying about how they are going to evaluate whether LoRaWAN technology is a fit for their environment and whether the data delivers business value,” said Mike Fahrion, CTO at MultiTech. “Now we can take care of all of that for them so they can concentrate on what they do best, enhancing their customer experience, saving costs and meeting compliance and sustainability goals.”

According to Transforma Insights, a research firm focused on the world of Digital Transformation (DX), smart buildings and associated applications account for over 20% of all IoT revenue. “This OneBox product neatly combines three of the biggest trends for IoT in 2022,” said Matt Hatton, Founding Partner, Transforma Insights. “Firstly, the massive importance of both the smart buildings and industrial verticals, secondly the growing trend for the integration of hardware with connectivity to simplify the job of developing IoT solutions, and thirdly the further growth in LoRaWAN, a rapidly growing technology for IoT with a vibrant ecosystem.”

Features and Benefits of the MultiTech OneBox include:


  • LoRa® enabled MultiTech wireless sensors
  • Easy-to-deploy Conduit® AP gateway for LoRaWAN, tailored for in-building deployment
  • Active SIM for cellular backhaul
  • Access to Console, a fully integrated device management console for the automatic provisioning, monitoring, and configuration of sensors in the field as well as visualizations and advanced notification features.
  • Two-year warranty, upgradable to five years


  • Easy technology evaluation
  • Fast track proof of value
  • Immediate actionable data
  • Simple scalability with a vendor you can trust

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