MultiTech Helps Close the Digital Divide with CBRS Wi-Fi Access Point to Provide Students in Rural and Underserved areas with Internet Access

MultiConnect® CBRS Wi-Fi AP Provides School Districts and Local Governments with Wi-Fi Connectivity Over a Secure, Dedicated OnGo LTE Network.

Mounds View, MN, USA – July 20, 2021 –Multi-Tech Systems, Inc., a leading global supplier of Internet of Things (IoT) devices and services, today announced MultiConnect® CBRS Wi-Fi AP, a Wi-Fi Access Point enabling one-to-many connectivity to families with more than one child and to multi-dwelling buildings using Chromebooks, notebooks, desktops and smart devices over a CBRS cellular OnGo network.

The award-winning MultiConnect CBRS Wi-Fi AP,  is an end-user device for use on CBRS cellular networks operated by school districts, educational facilities, smart cities, hospitality providers and their managed service partners to provide secure, reliable, high-performance LTE broadband coverage to students in their homes and in public places. This newest addition to the award-winning MultiTech portfolio of FCC-authorized CBRS solutions can be remotely provisioned and managed at scale using an auto configuration server (ACS) or DeviceHQ®, a cloud-based tool set featuring secure configuration, over-the-air updates, operational performance metrics and CBRS connection management.

“The impact of the pandemic on students and teachers has accentuated the growing importance of providing affordable Internet connectivity to academic communities wherever they may be,” said Stefan Lindvall, CEO of MultiTech. “No student should be without secure access to teachers, schools and online educational content – and our new MultiConnect CBRS Wi-Fi AP Access Point now makes that possible. We are proud to be part of this important initiative.”

Authorized for commercial use in early 2020 by the FCC, CBRS (Citizens Broadband Radio Service) in the 3.55-3.7 GHz spectrum empowers independent school districts, higher education, local governments and enterprise organizations to connect people, digitize assets and processes without the cost barrier of having to purchase costly and exclusive licensed spectrum to establish their own private LTE or 5G mobile networks.

Benefits of the MultiConnect CBRS Wi-Fi AP Access Point include:

  • Simple, flexible installation options;
  • Easy set up;
  • Scalable commissioning and configuration;
  • Remote device management;
  • Secure, unique wireless credentials, with
  • No spectrum access fees required.

The MultiConnect CBRS Wi-Fi AP is part of the MultiTech CBRS product portfolio for school districts and communities, which includes devices offering USB- and Ethernet-based connectivity.

MultiConnect® microCell USB modem, a compact, plug-and-play communications platform makes adding CBRS connectivity to existing assets quick and easy for notebooks, Chromebooks and other tablets. The device’s modem driver provides a virtual CDC Ethernet interface for ease of installation, configuration and management of cellular connectivity, and is approved for use with CBRS base stations and access points.

MultiConnect® eCell CBRS to Ethernet bridge, which makes adding private LTE connectivity to existing third-party Wi-Fi access points or wired assets quick and easy. With LTE Category 12 CBRS OnGo shared wireless spectrum, there’s no need to sacrifice bandwidth when switching between cellular and Ethernet.

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