eDRX Extended Discontinuous Reception

eDRX stands for Extended Discontinuous Reception, which is a feature of cellular networks that is designed to reduce power consumption in Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

In a traditional cellular network, devices must maintain an active connection with the network in order to receive data, which can consume a significant amount of power. eDRX allows IoT devices to enter into a deep sleep mode for an extended period of time while still maintaining their connection to the cellular network.

During the sleep period, the device temporarily suspends its connection with the network and enters into a low-power mode, where it consumes very little power. When the device wakes up from its sleep mode, it can quickly reconnect to the network and receive any pending data.

By reducing the frequency of connection updates, eDRX significantly reduces the power consumption of IoT devices and prolongs their battery life. This is particularly useful for devices that only require periodic updates or that operate in remote or hard-to-reach locations where battery replacement is difficult or impossible.

eDRX is an optional feature supported by some cellular networks, and requires support from both the network and the device to function.