Ensuring Food Safety with Temperature and Humidity Sensors

Use LoRaWAN® Temperature & Humidity Sensors in refrigerators
and freezers for their unmatched performance and ease of deployment.



In the restaurant industry, transporting, storing, and keeping food supplies at the appropriate temperature is essential to creating a great restaurant experience for its customers. It is critical to monitor the temperature and humidity of refrigerators and freezers to ensure supplies are kept at a safe temperatures to ensure food quality, prevent illness, minimize food waste due to spoilage, maintain compliance with HACCP and avoid potential litigation.
Dan owns a chain of Quick Serve Restaurants (QSRs) and understands that to create a thriving business, he needs to both offer delicious food as well as create unwavering trust and quality for his valued customers. 


Previously, Dan had to track temperatures manually using a clipboard and relied on employees to track and document freezer and refrigerator conditions. This was poorly completed due to inconsistent data tracking, high employee turnover, and competing employee priorities. This opened Dan up to potential fines for non-compliant tracking and increased expense due to food spoilage.


To solve this challenge, Dan reviewed restaurant management software options and partnered with an industry leader who installs and manages MultiTech LoRaWAN® Temperature & Humidity Sensors into its refrigerators and freezers for their unmatched performance and ease of deployment.

Solution Key Aspects

High-Performance Sensors
MultiTech LoRaWAN® temperature sensors provide precise and consistent temperature readings every 15 minutes, meeting and exceeding food safety compliance requirements.
Efficient Deployment
The deployment process was streamlined and efficient, allowing Dan to seamlessly install gateways and sensors across thousands of locations quickly and without disruptions to daily operations.
Exceptional LoRaWAN® Range
MultiTech sensors’ remarkable LoRaWAN range ensured uninterrupted data transmission from inside refrigerators and quick-serve areas, regardless of location challenges.


The Solution has provided many benefits to Dan’s business.
Some of which he didn’t even realize until implementation:
• Frees up employee’s time to focus on better serving the customers
• Provides a consistent, replicable approach to tracking food temperatures
• Faster alerts allow little problems to be addressed before becoming a major issue
• Gives Dan piece of mind to focus on other parts of the business
• Easy, automated HACCP Compliance
• Allows Dan to focus on instilling trust with his customers to deliver an excellent dining experience

“The sensor system has provided me with peace of mind that the freezer temperatures are being monitored 24x7 and I no longer have to rely on manual checking. My workers are also happier without the interruptions. This makes for a better experience for the whole store.”

Return on Investment

Savings of $1 Million Annually due to less labor, less waste, less foodborne illness for 100 store locations per a 2023 report from MachineQ.

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