LoRaWAN IoT sensors low power consumption and long range transmit capabilities allow them to be used in a broad range of applications.

Here are some common use cases:

  • Smart buildings. Modern offices, retail spaces, and factories can all benefit from smart building technology, including: temperature and humidity monitoring of critical rooms or assets, water leak detection to minimize leaking water or flood damage, motion detection to track utilization of high cost assets and more.
  • Server room maintenance. Leak detection sensors can communicate automatically over wireless networks to notify IT managers when a leak is found in their liquid cooled server room, saving both precious data and precious dollars. Temperature sensing can ensure that critical IT equipment stays within its recommended operating ranges.
  • Drug management. Readmission rates can be reduced and health outcomes improved via smart drug management and medication tracking using IoT sensors. Automated temperature monitoring of stored medications may improve medicine safety, effectiveness and compliance.
  • Emergency response. Wireless push button sensors can be used in healthcare settings to allow nurses and caregivers to be alerted and respond to emergency patient needs in real time.
  • Wind monitoring and control. Being able to monitor wind and solar energy generation in real time can prevent downtime and disruption, reducing risk and cost.
  • Supply chain management. The right network solutions can help with shipment verification, remote monitoring of product storage, and the efficiency of logistical operations. That in turn leads to fewer shipping delays, less product loss, and happier customers.
  • The benefits of using LoRaWAN IoT sensors are vast and unique to each industry they serve. All business applications of this technology lead to improved response time, improved compliance, decreased network downtime, performance data gathering, and ultimately–cost savings.

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