Ericsson wins OnGo award for ‘Excellence in OnGo Industrial IoT Deployment’

The first annual OnGo Awards, presented by the OnGo Alliance, highlights the market impact of shared spectrum in the 3.5 GHz CBRS band

The OnGo Alliance today announced that Ericsson has won an OnGo award for “Excellence in OnGo Industrial IoT Deployment.” The first annual OnGo Awards highlights the market impact of shared spectrum in the 3.5 GHz CBRS band. Ericsson was selected based on its accomplishments deploying OnGo-based 4G private networks for six use cases at the Ericsson USA 5G smart factory in Lewisville, Texas.

“Putting Ericsson’s Industry Connect solution on OnGo shared spectrum has led our 5G smart factory operations to become even more efficient, reliable, environmentally friendly and cutting-edge,” said Erik Simonsson, head of the Ericsson USA 5G smart factory. “The factory is not only a manufacturing site but also a place of innovation where we are working to expand our OnGo shared spectrum use cases. These use cases show the power of wireless solutions to digitally transform factories and industries for the better.”

The six use cases include energy monitoring and management, drones for inspection rounds and surveillance, environmental monitoring, alerting and escalation through wearable devices, machine-learning-based visual inspection, and digital material tracking and visualization. Retail, healthcare, agriculture and public safety are just some of the verticals for which Industry Connect can be implemented, and the 5G smart factory expects to deploy more use cases this year.

“Improving safety, productivity, and efficiency are all incredibly important goals for our team at Schneider Electric, no matter what project we take on,” said James Mylett, Senior Vice President, U.S. Digital Buildings, Schneider Electric. “We are especially thrilled to see our partnership with Ericsson and MultiTech come to fruition in the Lewisville smart factory, which is increasing the facility’s sustainability and cost-savings and blazing the trail for future factories to adopt system-wide BMS controls on a private network.”

Daniel Quant, Vice President of Strategic Development at MultiTech, added: “Gone are the days of complex and costly wiring to every piece of equipment in a building. OnGo enterprise private networks leverage shared spectrum to enable a wireless option with full mobility, which can securely connect assets anywhere with greater agility. We’re pleased to collaborate with industry partners like Ericsson and Schneider Electric to facilitate business transformation for enterprises across the industrial marketplace.”

Ericsson was selected as a winner by a judging panel of industry experts and determined based on its distinction in business models, ease of deployment, cost savings, new service offerings and cutting-edge technology.

“This year’s impressive applicant pool showcases the innovation that has been driving the wireless connectivity market in the last few years. The 2020 OnGo Award winners embody this unmatched level of innovation, allowing OnGo to become what it is today and paving the way as we gear up for widespread 5G NR adoption and the increase in demand for secure, reliable connectivity in our everyday lives,” said OnGo Alliance Executive Director Alan Ewing.

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