Embedded Toolbox: A Wireless Hotspot for Your Vehicle with MultiTech’s MultiConnect® rCell 600

In the previous two installments of Embedded Toolbox featuring MultiTech’s Daniel Quant, we took a closer look at how remote learning can be achieved using CBRS technology and how to connect almost anything over ethernet using an enterprise-grade wireless access point. Today, Quant is back with another connectivity solution which is MultiTech’s MultiConnect® rCell 600 series, a CBRS Multi-Interface Industrial Router that can turn vehicles like school buses – or in this case, a Fiat 500L, a roving wireless hotspot.

For really remote learning and other massively mobile use cases, the rCell 600 can be mounted towards the front of almost any vehicle underneath the dashboard and used as a wireless hotspot. The MultiConnect® rCell 600 has a voltage range of 12 to 48, allowing it to be used in vehicles like school buses that operate at those voltages.

Whether you’re using MultiTech’s MultiConnect® eCell, MultiConnect® MicroCell, or MultiConnect® rCell 600, each of these solutions are designed to operate as your very own private network. When deploying your network under the right circumstances, such as optimal base station density for where you see the deployment and the capacity, you can achieve consistency across each of these devices and across multiple industries.