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School Flasher Systems

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There is no room for error when implementing a school flasher system that helps children safely cross the road to school. RTC Manufacturing, Inc., the largest supplier of school zone equipment in the world, has been helping kids do just that and more since 1987. Its industry leading zone flasher system provides an efficient solution for students and drivers to get where they need to be, unharmed.

Challenge Over time, it became increasingly apparent that RTC’s innovative flasher systems would require remote access, as a critical next step in system improvement. “We wanted to remotely access school flashers to download schedules and also to hear back from users when they had any issue that might cause the flasher to not operate properly,” said David Walker, President of RTC.

RTC tested the use of pagers, 900 MZ radio, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and direct hard-line access, but experienced difficulties with each method, as none met all of the requirements. What RTC really needed was a reliable two-way remote communication system that could function several hundred miles away from its traffic centers. MultiTech’s 50-year rich history in superior, enterprise hardware solutions, coupled with its past experience in smart city and infrastructure implementations caught their eye, ultimately leading RTC to evaluate their communications equipment.

“There is no doubt MultiTech is the smart choice for our business.”


After seeing MultiTech’s modems in action and company at work, the decision was obvious. “Simply put, MultiTech’s modems are well built and reliable and they have a history of providing high quality solutions for over four decades After we visited the facility, it was easy to see why they were the gold standard and, ultimately, the best fit for RTC,” continued Walker. “Furthermore, it was an impressive operation and run by very competent people, top to bottom. With U.S.-based manufacturing and countless quality certifications there is no doubt MultiTech is the smart choice for our business.”

RTC opted for MultiTech’s MultiConnect® Cell 100 Series. Certified and carrier approved, the Cell 100 Series delivers fast, secure data for remote operations, and integrates easily to extend the life of legacy equipment. Several chassis options are available to meet a variety of application needs and environmental demands.

4G-LTE Cat 4 Cellular Modems (Global)


Since implementing MultiTech’s technology, RTC now has a reliable two-way communication system available to 99% of its customers’ school flashers. Customers can now enjoy “worry free” implementations and are able to receive alerts from the equipment in the field if there is an issue. Quick emergency changes due to situations such as bad weather are now much easier.


Looking forward, RTC plans to continue to innovate and make school flashers even more reliable and easy to operate, helping children get to school safely all-over North America. MultiTech will continue to be a valuable business partner in that effort. “MultiTech has been very proactive in listening to our needs and designing products that fit our industry. Our customers now have a better solution, and it has made their jobs infinitely easier,” said Walker. “MultiTech’s technology has allowed us to revolutionize the school flasher industry, and we could not have done it alone.”

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